Electrical phenomena have awed man since antiquity. Lightning and static energy send momentary arcs of intense color dancing across our vision. Our homes and cities sparkle with the glow of man-made light-emitting gadgets and devices. From hand held flashlights to stadium flood lamps to commercial lasers, electricity plays all around us, producing endless colors and patterns. Capturing the dynamic nature of electrically generated images is difficult. Like fire or moving water, each moment is unique and passing. It is a flow of energy, rather than a solid object that cries out in its fleeting moment of existence.

“The still image can only suggest the real energy present at the moment. “Stopping” the motion of this fluid presents a challenge of translation. These captured moments are what I look for in my photography. I strive to seek out effects that suggest something beyond a simple mix of colored lights. Sometimes I go for snap, with sharp lines and strong colors. But even soft gradations and subtle colors can work to invoke feelings of motion in my work.”

—Steve Michaels