Wall Compositions

We as a species tend to embellish the interior of our homes. Blank walls are short lived. They seem to cry out, begging for something more interesting to the eye. From caves to penthouses, man has adorned the walls of his dwellings with imaginative graphics since prehistoric times.

An infinite variety of artistic styles from stick figures to finely detailed portraits can be found clinging to walls of every description throughout the world. The broad open spaces of these ready-made canvases have always been an opportunity for imaginative artists to express themselves, and Steve Michaels is no exception.

Recent digital technologies have provided new tools and processes with astounding imaging possibilities that I incorporate in my abstract art. I have only begun to explore this expanding new medium, to create visual experiences that project something much more than a confusion of lines and colors.

My goal in each piece is to stimulate imagination in the observer. The overall impact should be to draw immediate attention as one enters the room. As a whole, the composition needs to pull the viewer into the space, and then gradually yet subtly engage their attention to invoke thought without specific reference to tangible objects.
—Steve Michaels