Abstract & Landscape Imagery

Photographic Art

“a playground for your mind”

Steve Michaels is a photo artist residing on a 100 acre Alpaca ranch in beautiful Whitepine Valley, Montana. A lifetime photographer and photojournalist, his photographs appear in magazines and hang in art galleries throughout the country. His style has been fashioned by a broad travel experience and a willingness to test and explore the limits of his craft.

Cocooned for years in conventional ideas about art and design, Steve has emerged upon new wings of imagination with the onset of the digital revolution. Well schooled in conventional photography, he has grasped the new tools with unbridled enthusiasm. Now he lives in an exciting world of abstract art where he incorporates light in its many forms to create stunning compositions.

Abstract images are non pictorial. They convey feeling and emotions without specific definition.

Steve defines his art as Expanded Abstract Imagery®. He sees the world around him as patterns of shapes and colors and stands ready to seize any opportunity to try to capture a fleeting moment of light with his camera. These photographs become the raw materials he uses in his studio sessions. He spends untold hours searching for the right combination of images that set his work apart from other artists.

It is the careful combination of these images that result in the final compositions that make his work unique.

Michaels has truly tripped the light and with fantastic results. From soft and subtle to bright and exciting, light is his pallet. Here there are no rules, no confining formats…only unbounded imagination. Some of his compositions seem to viciously scream, stab and slash colors across the canvas in a sparkle of lines and deliberate strokes. Others use muted tones and shadows to convey feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Mr. Michaels adds an expansive twist to abstract art. He wields his multicolored light sabers in a special way in a special style. This unique collection of images suggests the boundless creative possibilities at his fingertips. There will be more. It is only the beginning.

The images are coded to eliminate duplication.